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Hola Handsome, my name is Brooke Mayers,  your sensual dinner date companion for stimulating conversation and optional private 1-on-1 time after. I’m a London native, with a little black book of the most intimate and discreet venues! 

I enjoy all kinds of dates, from Michelin starred dinners and evenings at the theatre to cosy Netflix & Chill movie nights where we order in takeaway. But most of all I love to be your positive ray of light, laughing & listening to your stories, accomplishments & desires.

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Cocktail Dates

build chemistry

 Maybe we are in a dimly-lit corner booth or playing footsie on our bar stools. A cocktail date is a chance to loosen up a little. I want to flirt with you mercilessly over drinks & nibbles, then back to the room to release all that built up sexual tension.

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Why book dinner date escorts in london?

Compassionate & Ready to Listen

My lovers see me as their confidante. Share your challenges, desires, travel adventures, with me without judgment. This emotional intimacy deepens our bond, making the experience more satisfying.

Develop Your Charm

Making a woman smile is a million-dollar skill. Charming social skills can make you feel incredibly powerful as a man. Why not practice with me as your dinner date companion?

Help performance Anxiety

Feeling nervous? A dinner date escort creates a relaxed, supportive environment, easing you into intimacy. This comforting atmosphere boosts your confidence and reduces anxiety for future encounters.

Stimulating Chats with a Foodie

Love exploring new cuisines? A dinner date escort in London is your perfect match. We'll indulge in aphrodisiacs that get us in the mood, you'll enjoy engaging conversations with me, your MSc-educated companion.

Shall we make it official?

Escort Dinner Date Restaurants

Curated Date Packages

If you’ve made your way here, then you’ve probably reached that point of ‘hell yeah I wanna meet Brooke! But what type of date do I want?’ Below you will find an arrangement of options with yours truly.


Your beautiful plus one
  • Got a spare ticket? Invite me to your Show, Concert, Classic Car Show, Exhibition
  • An innocent lunch or a drink simply to test the chemistry before committing to a longer date?
  • Great for business travelers, never dine alone


A day of uninterrupted bliss.
£ 1200 UP TO 8 HOURS
  • 3 hours private GFE time
  • Lunch/Dinner, Event + GFE
  • E.g Theatre/Burlesque/Jazz show, concert, sport event, lingerie shopping, romantic stroll
  • Great for avoiding Clock watching
  • Great for nervous clients
  • Great for performance anxiety


Lunch or Dinner + GFE
£ 850 UP TO 4 HOURS
  • 2 hour private GFE time
  • Great for romantics, flirt & learn about each other intimately
  • 2 hour private GFE time

Dinner date 101

Frequently Asked Questions

Dinner Date Logistics

DAYTIME DATE 8 hours  package is a perfect sweet spot for a date: you leave work early, we fool around, grab a long lunch, do some shopping (or see a show, get a massage, etc), fool around, have some dinner and watch a film (or fool around again) before you send me home. Chef’s kiss!

Absolutely not! I’m just as happy at a quaint or cozy bistro as I am at an upscale restaurant. The key is that we enjoy our time together in a lovely, relaxed setting, where we can savor both the food and the conversation.

Dinner Dates

We start at the restaurant, enjoying dinner and engaging conversation before heading to the hotel.

Cocktail Dates

We meet at the bar for drinks, nibbles, and lively conversation before making our way to the hotel.

Daytime Dates

Daytime dates are wonderfully flexible. We can have lunch either before or after an event (like the theatre, a concert, or a gallery visit). Afterwards, perhaps a bit of shopping, a leisurely stroll, and then back to our hotel for more intimate moments.

Wear what makes you feel comfortable!

Dinner Date Etiquette

Here are some creative & discreet ways to provide envelope cash payment in public at the start of our date

  • Inside your favourite book
  • Inside a gift bag
  • Inside a Celebration card
  • Outside a gift chocolate box


Stick to engaging topics such as movies, hobbies, books, travel experiences, ambitions, personal goals, technology, social trends, and the world economy. 

Topics to Avoid

Please refrain from asking about specific identifiable details unless I bring them up, such as siblings, my university, the exact course I studied, or the industry I work in. Respecting these boundaries ensures our time together remains comfortable and enjoyable for both of us.

Tailoring Your Experience

I want our time together to be as enjoyable and tailored to your preferences as possible. Feel free to share any particular interests or topics you’d like to discuss during our dinner. Your input helps create a memorable and fulfilling experience.

Public displays of affection must be kept to a minimum. However, I do know a few intimate bars and restaurants with corner booths and curtains that allow for some private friskiness.

If you like that extra touch of intimacy, I suggest we sit next to each other at the restaurant rather than opposite each other. This allows for a more private and connected experience.

My style is classy and elegant, never too revealing. Alternatively if you prefer

  • I have business attire wardrobe.
  • I have casual attire wardrobe e.g  jeans & dressy top.
  • If you don’t want me to wear heels let me know.
  • If you would like to gift me a new outfit to wear for our date please send me a Selfridges gift card.

ready for the perfect arm candy?

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