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Hi, I’m Brooke Mayers an elite ebony escort in London, this 2023 blog resource and review page gives you direct insight into the mysterious lives of luxury black london escorts as well as latest tips on how to meet independent ebony escorts. But if you’re more interested in seeing my goodies, fast forward to my online ebony pics gallery!

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“I'm a professional ebony escort in London! If you know you know.”

Brooke Mayers
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are ebony escorts compatible with me?

I get it can be intimidating to think about hiring a black London escortI am here to tell you: there’s nothing to worry about! Maybe you think you won’t have anything in common, with your hot ebony date, that could be true, but it’s so sexy when a man teaches a woman something new! 

Luxury ebony escorts are well travelled and well versed on many topics of conversation. 

Black British escorts are London natives, typically degree educated with similar cultural and humour reference points to you. They’ll make you feel at home.

You won’t have any trouble getting along with me socially and if all that isn’t enough for you… I’m also incredibly hot! So what are you waiting for? 

clientele of popular black LONDON escorts

Elite black escorts meet many different clients from various backgrounds and that’s what makes the lifestyle so interesting! My British clients often include refined Finance gents in Patagonia vests, the cute but awkward tech bros, new money construction company owners from Essex, professional league footballers, also Irish men, Scottish men and Jewish men that love black women!

As an upscale British Black escort, I have many international clients that visit London for business. These include academic professors, American lawyers, African politicians and African tech start up CEOs that love my curvy body. I also have Middle Eastern and Scandinavian clients that seek my sensual black dominatrix services!

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why do black female escorts refuse to meet black men?

There are many reasons a Black London escort may refuse to meet black men.

For one, they may want to avoid a situation where a client that books her knows her, black people make up 3% of UK! Some may instead impose age restrictions like only seeing black men aged 40 upwards.

Some professional ebony companions may have had a bad experience with black men and decided to stop seeing them altogether, especially if they don’t make up a significant percentage of her client base, it’s not a big loss.

Black men are racially stereotyped as having big penis’ even though this is not always true. Some may feel pressured to perform and in result are too rough. This is a problem for high volume black escorts that sees multiple men in a day, they don’t want the downtime, so may reject black men.

4 powerful ways to verify black escorts london

avoid scams with ebony ladies


Black Escorts buy their own website

Does the independent ebony escort have a professional escort ebony website, with a PAID for domain, not a free domain ending like Yes? Great! This is the first green flag that shows you are on the right track. Secure website hosting, website designers and adult SEO experts easily cost thousands a year, professional ebony escorts will make this investment, as a website is typically the first impression a client has of a VIP ebony companion. Someone making this level of commitment to their business, is highly unlikely to be a scammer.

black escorts in london are listed on established directories

Upscale ebony escort directories like Vixen Escorts and London Ebony only want to attract high calibre clientele, they ensure this by checking beforehand that the ebony escourts listed are genuine. Vivastreet Ebony and Vivastreet Black use ID verification apps like Yoti to make sure girls are real and over 18. Similarly Only Fans is a popular subscription based content sharing platform ebony scorts use, this requires a scrutinous ID and bank account verification process. If an UK ebony companion appears on such sites, its highly likely she is real.

London black escorts love boudoir Photoshoots

Use tools like Google Search with an image to reverse check the original source of images. A top black lady escort in london will invest in expensive shoots with highly regarded photographers in the elite ebony escort industry. 
These glamour/boudoir escort photographers normally retweet black escort girls on Twitter. Check out:


Black Escourts Are on twitter

Do they have an established presence online, interactions and follows from other high class black escorts in London? This is a good indicator she is legitimate, if she frequents these elite ebony companion networks. Twitter has the added benefit of providing you a sneak peak into an ebony escorts daily life, she might post cheeky selfies or videos, tweets about hobbies or other interests. Over time you can gather some insight into the black female escorts personality.

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There are 3rd party escort review boards like Captain 69 and Adultwork, to check if an ebony escort in London has reviews google “escort name + adultwork” or “escort name + captain69”.
A lack of reviews or no reviews does not mean a London ebony escort is fake, her clientele may be high profile and not a fan of hobbyist online forum culture.  
Ebony Escort Reviews
mr D


My overnight experience with Brooke was nothing short of magical. Her body is a weapon she knows how to use.

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black escorts FAQS

There may be few things that make you nervous about meeting an ebony escort. You might be worried about whether or not she’ll like you, or if she’ll be able to relate to your life experiences or interests. 

She most likely will as independent escorts are well travelled and typically degree educated. But even if she doesn’t know everything, it’s so intimate and sexy when a man teaches a woman new things! 

The differences between people are interesting -and they can add an extra layer of excitement to your life.

Hot ebony girls typically provide an intimate and more genuine Girlfriend experience. As an experienced black escort I also offer erotic massage and sensual BDSM domination and submissive black girl experiences.

We know that many of our clients are looking for a more casual experience. That’s why most London ebony escorts are dressed in business casual to suit their clients’ needs. 

Upon request for public and social events ebony escorts can wear elegant gowns and dresses that will definitely turn heads!

Independent ebony companions will want you to feel comfortable with them and their style, so they can focus on giving you the best possible experience.

I’ve got some tips for you:

Don’t racially fetishize her, it is not a complement to excessively complement our skin tone, hair texture and features, don’t take away our humanity by treating us like dolls, that don’t have feelings or desires of her own. 

Be polite. This is really important for everyone, you should treat this woman with the same amount of respect that you would give anyone else. Remember that she is someone’s daughter, sister, auntie—and they want her safe and happy while they’re away from home.

Do not ask for bareback services during an appointment, you put a black escort in a difficult and uncomfortable situation.

Race play is a hard limit for most ebony escorts. The power dynamic involved in this kind of degrading play can be psychologically damaging, especially since it is our living reality.

If an escort doesn’t mention race play on her site, I would not ask her. If she mentions being open to such fetish requests then ask with caution. Respect her boundaries if she declines your request. If she does accept, she will likely charge a high premium for this.

If raceplay has not been agreed before a session and you violate boundaries in session, it will not be tolerated and most likely mean the immediate termination of the meeting with no refund.

If you are looking for the opposite power dynamic and want raceplay with a dominant black woman or mistress, you can ask if they offer this fetish, many do.

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Some black escorts in London may allow you to smoke, depending on if she is hosting from a hotel or apartment. Unless the hotel room has a balcony she probably won’t as hotels have strict policy.

If the ebony escort is hosting an incall from an apartment she may be more inclined to allow this. I do allow clients to smoke if they so wish to.

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