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Frequently asked

Payment & Booking Policies

  • I’m a professional committed to your pleasure and great customer service. A deposit serves as good faith and a commitment from you to our date. 
  • Most professional services ask for deposits, its not a new concept. You pay a retainer to your solicitor, financial advisor, you put your credit card against restaurant reservations. 
  • My safety is more important than your privacy. Requesting a deposit is one of the easiest screening methods I use to filter out undesirables. Higher barriers to entry means only the best for Brooke.  

No problem you can send me a £50 reservation fee with CASH

  • Amazon Gift Card – purchase from major UK supermarkets & Superdrugs store  Send me the giftcard code.

As a luxury companion, I strive to provide the utmost convenience and discretion for my clients. I am happy to be flexible with payment options, you pay a premium for peace of mind

  • Send a £50 Amazon or Selfridges e-gift cards.
  • Please note that gift cards are not considered a deductible deposit, simply a reservation fee. They are not equivalent to cash and limited in their use.  
  • The full balance is required in GBP cash.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  • A deductible 20% bank transfer deposit is required to secure a date.
  • The remainder of payment is due in cash GBP.
  • Some clients have a preference to send payment in full to avoid interrupting the flow of an authentic GFE. Please ASK before sending any balance in full.

Please provide payment promptly upon my arrival to avoid any awkwardness. Here are some creative ways to place the money:

  • In an envelope
  • In a gift bag
  • Inside your favorite book
  • Inside the box of the new jewelry or shoes you bought me

This ensures a smooth and enjoyable start to our time together.

  • In the rare event that I must cancel our date, my first point of call will be to work with you to find an alternative date. If this is sadly not achievable, I will return the full deposit via the original method of delivery.
  • Cancellation due to offensive or unsafe behaviour will result in the deposit being forfeited by yourself.
  • If you have to cancel a date within 48hours notice, I expect 100% of the consideration.

Frequently asked

Incall Policies

Incalls are hosted in a private upscale apartment in Central London Zone 1. There is no doorman or concierge, very discreet in a popular tourist area. 

A full address will be provided to you on the day of our appointment and no sooner.    

Yes of course, you can have a nice hot shower and use the complementary luxury male toiletries, plush robes & towels.

Gifts are never expected, but always appreciated and encouraged. 

Gifts come in all shapes, sizes, types and price tags. The thought behind it is what determines its worth.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at my wishlist.

Please take off your outdoor shoes before entering the apartment. Thank you for your cooperation xx
Frequently asked

Outcall Policies

  • Hotel Outcalls in London, I visit  4/5* hotels only.
  • Outcalls to your private residences in London Zone 1-6, further afield may incur extra travel fees.

I am based in Central London, I don’t offer tours but I can visit you in your UK city, the minimum booking is 

  • 3 hours – Surrey, Reading, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Cambridge
  • 12 hours Overnight – the rest of UK & Scotland
  • Travel fees must also be provided.  

Hotels with key card-operated lifts:

I will wait in the hotel bar for you. If that’s not an option, I’ll wait in the lobby. For maximum discretion, you can inform the hotel that your friend “Brooke” is coming and arrange for a spare key for me to collect, so you don’t need to come down to receive me.

Hotels without key card-operated lifts:

No need to inform the hotel. I can come straight up to your room, or we can meet in the hotel bar.

Yes please pay my return taxi fare from London Zone1-2 it is estimated £50, further afield will cost more.

  • Please provide drinks/snacks for dates 2hsr+.
  • Please provide room service/dinner/takeout for dates 3hrs+

Frequently asked

Sexual Wellness & Health

I am a low volume provider that values her  health. I  am proud to offer protected services to you. 

Condoms in various sizes and brands are available. 

All toys are used with condoms and sanitized routinely.

No, there are many other reasons people want to spend time with me, such as:

  • Some just want me as their beautiful company to dress up in cosplay while we cuddle or hold hands watching their favorite movie.
  • Some want me to bathe them intimately while I whisper dirty things in their ear.
  • Others long for a pretty girl’s feminine touch through a nice massage.

There is no expectation for sex unless you want to! What’s important is that I do not judge my lovers and respect what they decide to do with our time together.

I’m here to help you find your confidence and have a great time together. Remember, there’s no “right way” to have sex. Vaginal penetration is just one option, and there’s so much more to explore. Plus, creating a relaxed and fun environment can make all the difference.

We can try:

  • Reverse oral
  • Sensual body and neck kisses, biting or licking
  • Watching me dance for you
  • Watching me model the sexy lingerie or heels you bought me
  • Watching me play with myself to orgasm
  • Watching a sexy movie together
  • Reading aloud a sexy book to you
  • Using sex toys on me
  • Erotic massages
  • Playing adult board or card games with sexy dares
  • Sensual Sensory deprivation, Tie & tease, blindfolds

Let’s focus on having fun and enjoying each other’s company!

I am non judgmental, I’ve heard micro dosing is all the rage, but I personally don’t take hard drugs or psychedelics, although I am happy to be your “trip guide”.

I am however 420 friendly, If you are too, ask me about curating a night for us

  • perhaps we have a cozy movie night, order takeaway, get high on a hotel suite terrace and gaze into the London city skyline at night cuddled together.
  • I am happy to recommend hotel rooms with a terrace or balcony.

Frequently asked


Yes I am real, I am member of the KLE collective, a group of kinky high class companions with active social media presence. 

I have shot with some of the best industry photographers including AtGlamourLdn and LustforLife check out their Twitter where they retweet girls they’ve worked with including me!

Unfortunately, I wont send you a picture. I censor my face because I value my privacy and have a professional career to maintain. But for candid selfies check my Twitter



Absolutely! Luxury companionship is my passion, and I do it of my own free will because I love the thrill of new experiences and the variety this lifestyle offers. You might wonder, “But what if you don’t find the guy attractive? How can you enjoy it?” Trust me, there’s always something sexy about a man—whether it’s his eyes, big hands, sense of humor, confidence, or generosity. There’s always a spark to ignite!

From an altruistic standpoint, I see myself as a sex saint, contributing to society. While I mainly serve hedonistic businessmen, I also cater to disabled clients, burn victims, the recently widowed, and those battling depression and low self-esteem. I’ve helped coach many men to become more confident, and even after we’ve parted ways, they’ve thanked me for entering their lives.

In a former life, I was a nurse, and I’m still licensed. The beauty is, I can return to the profession whenever I feel like it.

Outside of companionship, I also pursue private passions in the commercial voiceover and wellness industries.

Absolutely! Discretion is a top priority for me, just like it is for you. Rest assured, I’m well-versed in conducting myself with the utmost professionalism to uphold both the privacy and the reputation of my company.

Here are a few steps I take to guarantee your peace of mind

  • Booking form data is destroyed within 2 business days after our date.
  • Email communications are encrypted via Proton mail.
  • No phones policy on our date, all eyes on you. 
  • I can sign an NDA, please provide provision for legal fees. 
  • I have many other life pursuits and commitments. To avoid disappointment, it is best to book in advance.
  • Same day appointments incur a £100 rush fee.
  • Dates starting after 10 PM, a late-night fee of £100 applies. This fee covers the need to book a hotel until the morning’s first train services become available. Please note that this fee does not apply to overnight dates.

Frequently asked

Brooke’s clientele

Yes, I welcome you! Making people feel comfortable and at ease is my specialty. I’m super hospitable and can tailor our date just for you. Plus, I love sparking conversations and finding common ground.

And don’t worry about any awkwardness—I’ll charm it away with my laughter, bubbly personality, and hot body!

Whilst they make up the majority of my network, I see all kinds of gentlemen:

  • Students who save up (or make bad decisions with their student loans)
  • Blue-collar workers who hit it big on their football bets
  • Middle managers who forego their coke habit for a couple of weeks to spend time with me.

With a background in nursing, It’s no wonder I have the natural ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Despite my love for luxury, you’ll find my down-to-earth nature when you meet me. I treat every lover with equal respect and care.

I welcome gentlemen from all backgrounds, my priority is seeing respectful people.  

Absolutely! I welcome virgins, but just a heads-up, I only see gentlemen who are 25 years or older.

And yes, I adore working with inexperienced men too, many want to learn how to talk to women, learn how to plan dates—some even want to ‘practice’ with me to become the ultimate lover for their future girlfriend or wife. How fun is that?

I welcome gentlemen with all body types, my priority is seeing respectful people.  



Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience with Brooke. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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