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independent ebony escort london

My Story so Far

who the hell is brooke?

Brooke Mayers is an independent ebony escort in London that emerged from a Covid pandemic-induced quarter-life crisis and a newfound love for luxury wellness.

Tired of witnessing the NHS’s shortcomings as a nurse, I decided it was time for a change. I wanted to help people in a setting that didn’t drain my soul, so I quit and gained new experience at a luxury mental health retreat clinic.

The skills I gained in my nursing career are now the foundation of my success as an ebony escort companion. Back then, I tailored holistic treatments to each patient’s unique needs. Realizing I could bring this personalized touch to girlfriend companionship, I started this new journey.

I understand people—their desires, needs, insecurities, and what makes them tick. I use this insight to craft bespoke GFE London date experiences that hit the mark every time. Picture engaging conversations, passion between the sheets, healing erotic massages, and optional kink services to refresh your body and mind.

Age: Late 20s

Height: 5"7

Physique: Top UK 12, Pants UK 16

Bust: Natural 34H

Shoe Size: UK 6

Tattoo/Piercings: None!

Nationality: British

Ethnicity: Ghana & Barbados

Accent: English

Education: MSc

Quick Stats

independent ebony escort london

It’s a Match! 

my personality


Learn a little More

speed date

What excites you about dating an unknown man?

The getting to know you stage at the beginning is new and thrilling.

What turns you on in a man?

Men that teach me new things/talk passionately about interests, Suits, Strong Eye contact, Shy Men, Nerdy men, Beards, Laughter, Smelling Good, Generosity & Chivalry.

What are some of your hobbies & passions?

Commercial Voiceovers, Pole dancing, Tennis, Walks in the rain/nature, Luxury hiking/glamping, web design (I made this site from scratch!), Option trading

What child are you?

The first born. I am super responsible, compassionate & emotionally intuitive. I guess why naturally I became a nurse.

Favourite holiday?

Thailand for the adventure. Jamaica for the beach!

Favourite drink?

Champagne or Gin & Tonic

Favourite cuisine?

Korean, Steak, Seafood.

Favourite movie or tv show?

I don't have one! But my favourite genres are psychological/criminal thrillers & sci-fi fantasy.

Something unexpected about you?

I developed an excitement for Classic Cars through my love of Gangster movies & shows. Godfather, Scarface, Peaky Blinders, all feature a great collection of classic wheels!

How to impress an independent ebony escort in london?

Going the extra mile with a gift is never expected, but it’s always a delightful surprise! I’m drawn to romantic gestures, and even something as simple as a handwritten note with your donation sparks my interest in a way that words can’t explain.

What turns you off?

Being rude to service staff, bigotry, stinginess & bad hygiene.

best way to seduce an independent ebony escort?

Strong eye contact and neck kisses.

In what outfit do you feel especially sexy & desirable?

In private I feel beautiful in Honey Birdette lingerie sets, stockings and lace. In public, I feel elegant in a black tight fitted dress!
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independent ebony escort in london

a picture speaks a thousand words

Want to imagine the possibilities? Have a browse through my pictures & video gallery. Warning! Very hot.

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