Powerful Ways to Verify London black escorts

Do you want to avoid an escort horror story? Is the fear of getting scammed cockblocking your pleasure? Avoid the pitfalls by reading this fool proof client guide.

Frankly speaking unless you are a simpleton, super horny that you can’t think straight or plain drunk, it’s very rare to be duped if you’ve done your due diligence on a companion. I’ve heard many a times from clients that they were initially scared to make the leap and book an escort as they didn’t want to be “scammed”. What kind of scams are we even talking about?

  1. You go to a companion’s incall and get ambushed & robbed by a gang of men.
  2. You send a deposit and the companion disappears into the wind
  3. You booked a hot 10/10 model, that strangely looks EXACTLY like Angelina Jolie charging £100/hr & were shocked when you met a 60+ woman 
  4. You book a date with an “escort” who then blackmails you instead of meeting you. 
All of these  scenarios can easily be avoided by following my simple guide below. Happy hunting!

1. Black London escorts will invest in a professional website

A beautiful website is often the first point of contact between a client and companion, you only have one chance for first impressions. A professional companion will invest in a website with a paid domain, and often SEO & web design services, website maintenance easily runs into the thousands. A scammer requesting Western Union payments would not go through this effort.

2. Black companions invest in professional photoshoots

A serious companion will invest in professional photography to help tell the story of her brand. We invest in unique venue locations, destination shoots and outfits, creative directors and stylists. Many of the top London glamour photographers are on Twitter, they often retweet legitimate black lady escort in London they shoot with, including:

3. Listed on established escort directories

Verified black escorts will feature on sites like Tryst.link  which are notoriously hard to get listed on with waiting lists of up to 6 months! We go through rigorous ID verification & screening, to ensure we aren’t catfishes.

4. London black escorts have a presence on social media platforms

High class black companions are often on Instagram, TikTok, adult platforms like Onlyfans, or they may have a blog on their website. A long history of posting content selfies, videos & other content is a great sign of legitimacy. There is also a thriving community of independent escorts on Twitter, it’s a great sign if she she is engaging and being followed by other high class escorts in London.

5. Black escorts in London may have reviews

Some UK black escorts may have reviews online. You can check by googling “escort name + Adultwork” or “escort name + reviews”. Bare in mind that many verified escorts have no reviews online, they may adopt a “no review policy”. Also high profile & affluent clients are highly unlikely to engage or even be aware of online review forum culture.

6. VIP Black escorts communicate clearly

A professional companion will have clear policies and procedures communicated on her Etiquette/FAQ website pages or her online advertisement. Excessive use of emojis, acronyms, cap locks , explicit language & extremely low prices is a tell tale sign of a scammer in his mother’s basement or worse – a sex trafficker.

7. Image reverse search

You can use Google to reverse image search a companions photos, to see if they are being used elsewhere online. This will help you know if they are catfishing using someone’s stolen photos.

Final Thoughts

Not to sound melodramatic, but safety goes both ways. Some clients are nervous about getting scammed, whereas all Escorts are nervous about getting raped or murdered, please bear this in mind when navigating meeting an ebony UK Escort for the first time. However high your stakes are, ours unfortunately are always higher.
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