What not to say to Black Escorts : A Client guide to a respectful date

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Learn how to approach Black escorts respectfully. You better come correctly, so you can cum correctly.

As clients seek unique and enriching connections with black escorts, acknowledging cultural nuances becomes paramount, to ensure sweet encounters. Here are the top 3 ways to disaster-proof your date with these hot ladies. 

1. Avoid Excessive compliments about our skin and hair

It’s no secret that some clients book black escorts UK because they find our race and features intriguing or exotic. However, there’s a fine line between appreciating someone’s unique beauty and racial fetishization, which can be offensive.

If your booking communications are filled with endless compliments about our skin tone or features, you’re likely to be rejected by ebony companions. We prefer to be appreciated for who we are, not as objects of racial fetish.

Remember, not all attention is good attention. Over-fetishizing someone can lead to them being seen as a sex object rather than a person, which can result in disrespectful or harmful behaviour. Treating everyone with kindness and respect is always the best approach.

2. Don't Assume Submissive Race play is a given

When I think of race play, two scenes come to mind, from Michaela Coel’s iconic British comedy “Chewing Gum“. featuring the gorgeous Jonathan Bailey, prior to his Netflix success in “Bridgerton“. In the first video boundaries are violated as there was no consensual agreement or  discussion prior about race play kink. This was quickly brushed under the carpet as his “first time with a black woman”……But we soon discover in this next video, this is not his first rodeo!

It’s best to reach out only to providers who explicitly advertise themselves as “submissive.” Most black escorts are opposed to submissive raceplay because it involves taking on a submissive or slave-like role. Even though it’s roleplay, this practice uses our REAL racial backgrounds to create a sexual and erotic power dynamic, often involving slurs, narratives, and negative stereotypes by the dominant partner. 

While raceplay may be a fantasy for some, racism is a lived reality for black escorts. For many, engaging in such activities could be traumatic. It’s important to understand and respect these boundaries.

3. Don't Ask Black Escorts about Black D*ck!

Every once in a while, specifically younger clients will say in some sort of variation:

  1. “I bet my dick isn’t as big as the black ones you’ve had”
  2. “Which dick is better white dick or black dick?”

I’m not sure if these men were secretly craving a Cuckold session, I certainly don’t want to be talking about other dudes dicks during the Girlfriend Experience. These clients gave me the ick!

Its also highly problematic because its fuels racial stereotypes and hyersexualises black male bodies, the “BBC mandingo” is a myth, and FYI, the biggest dick I ever had belonged to an Italian hunk.

Final Thoughts

Writing this was a fun trip down memory lane, reflecting on some of the wildest things clients have said. I want to stress, this is all tongue & cheek, it takes a lot for me to be offended, I am a very easy going babe. 

Now you’ve mastered the social do’s and don’ts, perhaps you are ready to learn how to be an ebony escort’s favourite client

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